Service Covid Announcement

The most important message is that regardless of any restrictions in place due to Coronavirus, you are still able to get help if you need it due to being subjected to domestic abuse.

WAEML will continue to follow Government advice around the management of Coronavirus.  We will keep our stakeholders informed about how guidance affects service delivery through our social media.  Our priority is always to keep our staff and service users safe and healthy.   Here are some changes we have made to our service due to the Coronavirus:

  • WAEML staff will be working from home some of the time. If you have a key worker they will let you know the best way that you can contact them.  We have made sure that all staff have the ability to maintain your confidentiality whilst working from home.
  • Our phone lines and all projects are busy and we do have a waiting list. 
    • Whilst you are on a waiting list our staff will keep contact with you and keep you informed of how long before you will be allocated to our project.  Please get in touch if your circumstances change, if there are new incidents or if you no longer wish to accept support from the service.
    •  If you contact our service and the support line is busy, please leave a message if it’s safe do so and we will call you back ASAP.
  • We are currently operating an appointment only system.  If you need to see a staff member urgently please contact us on 0131 561 5800 and we will offer the first available appointment. 
  • Please do not attend any of our centres or group programmes if you have symptoms of Coronavirus, before you meet with staff they will ask you about symptoms.
  • If you are living in our refuge accommodation and anyone in your household becomes unwell with Coronavirus, it is important that you let us know immediately.

(last updated: October 2022)