New Peer Group Launched

We are very excited to be launching a new group work support programme for women This is Me, Here I Am.

Thanks to funding from Foundation Scotland and Midlothian Council Small Grants, WAEML employed a workshop facilitator (Ellie Hutchinson) who facilitated online sessions (via Zoom) between Jan – Apr 2021.

Nine women worked with Ellie to develop a peer group programme that offers opportunities for engagement in a programme of workshops for WAEML service users to attend.

The women all participated in experiential training, that included a mix of creative inputs e.g. craft, mindfulness, song. From the workshops the group now have designed a 10 week course that they will deliver directly to survivors who have completed their support work with WAEML.

The course uses different techniques whereby women are empowered through conversation, reflection and different creative activities to take actions that help us make positive change in our world and the worlds of others.   The programme is designed to be empowering, slow paced and supportive allowing women to thrive and move through their experiences of violence and abuse.

Due to pandemic restrictions the group have will begin to facilitate their programme online although plans are already being made to roll out further dates later in 2021.   

Women who have already taken part note:

“…. Every single woman brings something different, [this project] has gained something different and will continue to grow as we move from learning to sharing. This project has genuinely given us a collective strength and a purpose in life. All I’ve ever wanted was to work alongside WAEML and give back – I can’t wait to share this programme, to deliver it and to meet more amazing and inspiring women.”

“Since being part of this project I have really grown so much in confidence”

“I hope I can empower other women to have more positivity and making life happier through our journeys”

“This group made me strong, focused and empowered. I am so grateful I want to give back to Women’s Aid through the help I got by giving back to the community by doing this sort of work, helping and healing women like me”

If you are interested in signing up please take a look here I Need Help – This is me here I am info